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Triple C's CDN Service (Content Delivery Network) is a distributed service for a variety of content distribution files. To name a few, static content like images and videos or video broadcastings like Video Streaming for VOD and OTT applications and linear channels. This service is based on cache servers keeping copies of he distributed content and make it accessible for end users in the most efficient and fast manner. The content distribution is performed by a system of servers sitting in a separate network that is connected to the internet with extremely high communication rates and is built to give service for tens of thousands requests at a time. CDN service improves the experience for end users. It uploads the site and content faster than usual and drastically reduces traffic from the hosting servers. In addition, CDN supports workloads in content consuming without damaging the service's quality. We offer a few types of CDN service:

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Reduces Traffic

Reduces drastically traffic on source server

Support Overload

CDN supports big overloads on the systems

Fast Content

CDN enables receiving quickly

User Experience

CDN improves the end-user watching experience

Pay per Use

CDN enables paying per use in local currency

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Additional Services

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