Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange services enable small organizations that want to manage their own business data, and who were prevented from doing so because of the great investment that is entailed, the ability to do this. In the past, it was necessary to purchase a server, licenses for an operating system and mail server at the cost of thousands of dollars.

Today – the server has become a service that involves almost no cost, implementation and valuable labor time, and has become immediately available with no obligation. Hosted Exchange is administered by means of an advanced management interface, with which it is possible to open and add mail boxes according to need, to update distribution lists and additional options, which makes the work process easier and simpler and saves valuable time.
  • Organizational Hosted Exchange – organizational mail service that assists SME's to manage their mail service and business data, while saving a lot of money. This service integrates Hosted Exchange 2010 with collaboration and lean mailboxes.
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Saves Resources

  • Hosted Exchange Services are included in the “Pay Per Use” model, which saves the expense of many superfluous resources in acquisition of dedicated servers
  • Hosted Exchange Services include maintenance, update and upgrade services, for saving manpower resources that would be necessary to operate and maintain the mail servers
  • Hosted Exchange Services are situated in a hosting facility in Israel for savings in resources of traffic to mailboxes

Saves Money

  • Hosted Exchange Services include shared storage space for all users and save the purchase of additional space for every user
  • Hosted Exchange Services save the cost of acquiring dedicated servers and operating licenses, while maintenance and upgrades are included in the price
  • Hosted Exchange Services include a basic box to reduce the cost of small boxes

Saves Time

  • Hosted Exchange Services are situated in the company’s servers, which are located in Israel to minimize wait time as a result of traffic and communications overloading
  • Hosted Exchange Services include access to Outlook (OWA Web Apps) and enable synchronization to mobile devices for access from anywhere, thus saving time
  • Hosted Exchange Services include a simple and easy to use Internet interface that enables setting up, changing and cancellation of mail boxes by way of the server, automatically and immediately

Organizational Phonebook

Concentration of all contacts data

Mobile Synchronization

Ability to sync e-mail to smartphone

Calender Synchronization

Ability to establish joint meetings

Remote Access

Ability to access the mailbox from anywhere

Online Backup

Mailbox backup

Main Advantages

  • Calendar sharing – an important business tool – sharing your calendar with your secretary/manager, so they can see your schedule and arrange a meeting easily.
  • Remote mail access through the web (OWA) – a method enabling the user to connect his mailbox from every device with an internet connection, using his username and password.
  • Organizational Phonebook – detailed customer phonebook. Available and accessible to all.
  • Mail sync to smartphone – real-time automated mail sync to smartphones, such as Blackberry, IPhone and Microsoft OS based devices.
  • Online backup – mail backup and immediate and efficient restoration in case of failure.

Admail Services

  • An automated service for managing banners and/or mail signatures.
  • Attaching a branded/promotional massage to every outgoing mail.
  • 100% exposure – mail receiving audience that is exposed daily to messages and promotions.
  • Banners are attached automatically to every outgoing mail.
  • Keywords – launching a targeted campaign according to a keyword written in the subject of every outgoing mail.
  • Abilities for segmentation of messages on senders/receivers level.
  • Centralized control panel, simple and easy-to-use for marketing people.
  • Automated management of signatures (Hebrew/English) according to the content of the mail.
  • Adding logo and icons to the signature in an organized and structures way, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Attaching the signature to mails sent also from smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobilizing employees as everyday sales/marketing force.


  • Mail restoration services – a service that enables a restoration of a single mail that was deleted or lost up to 21 days back.
  • Archive Services – a service that keeps every incoming or outgoing mail without any time limit. The mails are saved until the archive is full. (the capacity can be increased)
  • Outlook license only – a service that provides the well-known outlook software. This service is suitable for all those who are not interested in purchasing the full Office package, but purchase this component only.

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