Triple C vCloud services provide an inexpensive and effective solution for companies that need a complex server infrastructure and strong processing power without purchasing servers, storage or hosting. vCloud services enable the organizations to build and manage secure virtual centers on a cloud infrastructure with confidence, high performance, extensive computing capacity and flexible billing options.

vCloud services enables the customer to have full control over the IT infrastructure. vCloud services include an easily built management interface and management of virtual machines, the ability to upload and download machines from the customer’s existing infrastructure easily and more. The environment allows setting up private networks that are isolated from one another so that the servers’ environment will be secure. The service allows for the creation of a VM Template from virtual machines that can be copied numerous times, which makes it suitable for creating advanced environments for testing and advanced QA, as well as for backup and production - quickly and easily.
  • As part of vCloud services you can purchase Snapshot Service – creates a full copy of the entire server, without any effect on the system’s performance. In case of system failure, you can restore to a previously saved copy, up to five days back.

​Pay Per Use
Triple C enables Pay Per Use services from the most advanced cloud in Israel! Pay Per Use model enables billing at the end of the month and charges for actual consumption of the customer instead of allocation mode. Weather it’s a PPU or allocation mode based service, it enables full management of the resources infrastructure, setting up and managing virtual machines from Bare Metal level, managing security network, organizational catalogue and access permissions etc. Weather customers are interested in a production or development environment, for both options the advantage is the same – simplicity of installation and management, centralized control panel and varied payment possibilities. The big plus in this kind of environment for the customer is complete autonomy in performing activities, without contacting your cloud provider on a daily basis.
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Saves Resources

  • vCloud Services allow for easy and fast transfer from one server to another without the need for another purchase
  • vCloud Services include the flexibility to add or remove resources, which saves the ongoing  expenses of service
  • vCloud Services include the possibility to “blow up” resources, to create extra supply temporarily required for computing time, and then return to normal

Saves Money

  • vCloud Services allow for dividing the processing units into three, for consumption of basic servers, yielding monetary savings
  • vCloud Services save the expenses of purchasing physical servers for the purpose of setting up services
  • vCloud Services save the expenses of ongoing maintenance of hardware and equipment

Saves Time

  • vCloud Services include a simple, easy to use Internet interface that enables setting up, changing and cancellation of all services by means of the network, automatically and with no waiting
  • vCloud Services are situated on the company’s servers, which are located in Israel, to minimize the wait time as a result of traffic and communications overload


Ability to create servers and a flexible resources transfer

WEB Interface

Includes management tools and control over multiple servers and resources

Work Flexibility

Ability to increase resources in a short time

Secure Login

Secure login to servers on VPN SSL

Isolation & Separation

VM isolation from other environments

vCloud Advantages

Computational resources:
  • The Triple C company secures and controls the virtual database vCloud with a private VLAN to the customer, with policy-based user controls and a shared or dedicated firewall technology, as required. The connection is secure and encrypted using VPN, while providing various degrees of access permissions to different users. As part of Triple C’s advanced communication services, specific ports can be opened exclusively to the servers, or secure connections through VPN SSL can be chosen. They array operates in a data center that has a redundancy level of Tier IV and an ISO 27001-2005 data protection management standard certificate.
Security and control:
  • Ordering computational resources in small units and ordering portions of computational resource units allows paying per use, as well as increasing and decreasing system resources with no obligation. This is the best option for seasonal or occasional applications, short-term projects such as testing and development environments, a sudden need for greatly increased resources, or disaster recovery. These computational resources are connected to the Israeli and global internet backbone with large bandwidths and are backed up to ensure service is provided quickly, continuously, and reliably.

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