Triple C domain services enable registration and search of any existing domain names in all generic domain names and the most important extensions in the world in general, such as Europe, Asia, Americas, Oceania, and Africa. Triple C is authorized by the Israel Internet Association (ISOC) to supply registration services to the Israeli user community for domains with the extension CO/ORG/NET. In addition, domains can be acquired with global commercial extensions of COM. Triple C also provides transfer service for an existing domain and its renewal. A domain name is the unique name that is given to an IP address on the Internet network. Its use allows it to be remembered by the surfers, thereby enabling quick and easy access to the site. The domain name is composed of the chosen name and an extension that usually indicates the field to which the site belongs. In order to prevent conflicts between domain names belonging to one extension, a registry of domain names is maintained by one body such as the Israel Internet Association.
  • Pick a memorable and catchy name that is easy to type.
  • The domain name and the site’s occupation should be compatible.
  • Israeli sites should have a relevant suffix, such as “”
  • In case the name you came up with is original, the domain ending with .com should also be purchased in order to ensure that visitors who get mixed up also reach your website.
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Saves Resources

  • Domain Services include the possibility to acquire a wide selection of domains, from domains with an Israeli extension to domains with an international extension
  • Domain Services are included in Triple C's “One Stop Shop” model, which was created to meet as many as possible of the customer’s office requirements and to save the resources necessary for setting up the services

Saves Money

  • Domain Services can be paid in a lump sum, identical for all domains and in the framework of an allocated amount of time, and the management system will automatically issue notification when the end of the period approaches

Saves Time

  • Domain Services include a simple and easy to use Internet interface that allows setup, changes and cancellation of all services via the network automatically and with no wait time
  • Domain Services enable automatic acquisition of domains in case of need

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